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Writing with Wesley: Holiday Card Etiquette

‘Tis the season to be sending out your holiday cards! Don’t end the year on a sour note – long-standing Think Tank copywriter Wesley Fairman shares her top tips for making a great impression on customers, clients and contacts.

Make Last Names Plural: In order to make last names plural, you’ll never want to add an apostrophe. Instead, add -s or -es even when the last name ends in a vowel or -y!


  • Jones becomes Joneses

  • Findley becomes Findleys

  • Fairman becomes Fairmans

Trick of the Trade: Don’t like the way the -s or -es rule makes a last name look or sound? An easy fix is to add The and Family or Household to your salutation.

  • The Jones Family

  • The Findley Household

  • The Fairman Family

Stay Secular: Unless you’re writing on behalf of a religious or spiritual organization, it’s best to avoid religious messages in your holiday cards. Instead, focus on our shared holiday experiences.


  • Sharing the joy of the season

  • Wishing a happy holiday

  • Loving the fun-filled family traditions

Trick of the Trade: Don’t forget to include a soft call to action in your holiday cards. Craft the call to action in kindness and generosity to make your contacts feel like they can rely on you.

  • If you need anything during this busy time, don’t hesitate to call.

  • Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you over the holidays.

  • We look forward to helping you succeed in 2021.

Be Sincere: There’s nothing worse than a phony-sounding card, so try not to be too effusive in your phrasing. If it feels fake to you, it will sound fake to your contacts.


  • Using words that you wouldn’t normally use in conversation.

  • Expressing feelings that are over-the-top for your relationship.

  • Making promises that you aren’t able to keep.

Want to leave it to the pros? The writing team at Think Tank is here to help craft the perfect holiday card, newsletter or email for your contacts!

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