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We like to know our clients and as much as we can, and see them face to face. That’s why we love working with small businesses in Louisville. We say locally-owned and locally-grown! 

A strategic mix of social savvy, storytelling, promotion, and local press and media make a big difference when you’re looking to grow your brand. Think Tank Marketing has a vast network of local resources and creative solutions to help our Louisville clients put their best foot forward.




An extensive knowledge of Louisville’s local arts scene, and grassroots connections for touring Broadway productions is essential to building audiences. Through social media and local media, we build anticipation in communities here at home and cities throughout the U.S. for the performing arts.
We share the stories behind the stories and go behind the scenes to bring audiences closer to the stage and into the seats.

Local Business


For nearly 10 years we have worked with small businesses, local arts, and touring Broadway shows. Here are some of the dynamic ways we’ve partnered with our clients.

froggy web.jpg


Challenge - Grow sales and brand awareness for local gourmet popcorn shop that did not have a retail location

Solution - We created a series of brand message points that focused on the personality of the company rather than sales messages. We were able to get to the why of the business owner which was to bring creativity to her life and give back to the community. From there we were able to create videos, and pitch stories about these aspects of the business. We also aided in developing a give-back program and brokered partnerships with local animal shelters that furthered our efforts to tell the Froggy’s Popcorn story. We established a better online shopping user experience, set up and enhanced social media shopping options, and closely tracked how our messages landed.

Results -  In 6 months we have grown sales from $500 per month to over $10,000 with our sights set on expanding regionally and nationally as the company is able to scale up production

Figaro 2.jpg


Challenge - Overcome perceptions of an art form that are largely incorrect, thereby generating interest in programs, contributions, and ticket sales for Kentucky’s State Opera company, while at the same time remain authentic to the lovers of opera already attending.

Solution - Although we used several tactics over the years, the overarching solution is to showcase that Opera is relevant and entertaining to today's audiences. Opera is theatre in its highest form but has always been at a disadvantage when it comes to public perception because nearly 100% of people have some notion of what opera is...whether they’ve attended a performance or not. We worked with members of the media, social media influencers, and community partners. We educated them about the stories and the relevant messages that speak to the modern citizen in Kentucky. We created new opera fans among these influencers who were able to talk about operas in a positive light from personal experience. At the same time, we were able to drill down into those messages and test them across digital platforms using curated, creative video, audio, and behind the scenes access.

Results - Consistently near sold-out performances of traditional operas and increased attendance at modern and lesser-known productions.



Challenge - Launch and establish Kentucky’s first Black-founded and Black-led non-profit agency during a pandemic and racial unrest across America

Solution - Focus locally to expand nationally. We developed a series of press and media opportunities around the programs that would make an impact in our community rather than attempting to promote the non-profit organization itself. We created messaging, and selectively targeted media outlets to achieve GEDDI’s objectives, keeping in mind the long-term fundraising goals that will be needed to sustain these programs.

Results - Coverage on all 5 news stations for the launch of The Collective and The Black Complex, as well as print and radio coverage for programs like Tearing Down Walls. Because of local coverage, GEDDI programs and messages were picked up by National programming including ABC’s 20/20 and The Tamron Hall Show.

bunbury festival in cincinnati.jpg


Challenge - Celebrate the 21st anniversary of Louisville pure tap® bringing attention to the brand and Louisville Water Company.

Solution - As part of the creative team, we developed a series of promotional ideas and events around town that were visually appealing to social media channels and to the media. We leveraged our personal relationships with local media celebrities to create viral Carpool Karaoke videos with the Louisville pure tap® mascot, mini celebrations at local businesses with nostalgic 90s dance themes (since the brand was established in 1997), a contest centered around that original rap song created for the brand, and other creative to draw attention to the fact that Louisville’s water is among the best tasting in the country.

Results - News and media coverage of the brand and celebration over the course of 8 months. Viral video views and communications that engaged the local Louisville public and had the town talking about Louisville pure tap®. 

We are grateful to have supported these businesses over the years and look forward to the years ahead.

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