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Create a truly delightful brand and engage with your customers! It’s the best way to stand out of an increasingly noisy world. To find your customers and keep them engaged requires time and attention, and a lot of creativity. Think Tank specializes in finding and consistently telling your story—often in unexpected ways—to keep your brand fresh and top of mind to your customers, their friends, and influencers in the marketplace. We will work with you to find the best mix of marketing strategies to get the most bang for your buck and keep your customers coming back.


Finding your why and shaping your story.

Many of our clients have been in business for a while and have found some success. Now they are looking to invest in their business and grow. To effectively make use of that investment means developing a clear and consistent integrated marketing plan. Before we do anything else, we will go through our process to find your “why,” the reason you get up in the morning, the driving force behind your business. From there we are able to shape your story: 

  • We craft a brand position—what makes your product or service different and how will it connect with consumers. 

  • Identify your Tenet Truths — 1 or 2 things we know for certain about your industry and customers as it relates to the brand, 

  • Evolve the brand – We determine the brand’s voice, its values, and talking points, so that we are all on the same page

  • Construct the target – We’ll develop specific avatars or personas about your target customers. For some businesses this may be one or two, but for others, it can be many. Who is this customer, what is his or her name, what Instagram accounts do they follow, who are their friends, what do they do together, what clothes do they buy, what magazines do they read?


​Now we are ready to develop the marketing plan and employ the tools available to us:

  • Identify the goal - Lots of times it’s sales but I would caution you to reconsider. Do enough people know about your business to ask for the sale right now?

  • Determine the budgets - Are there any extra advertising dollars to put toward your advertising efforts now that we have a goal in place. No? That’s okay. We have many methods and ways of getting your message out.

  • Choose your tools - A craftsman (or women) is only as effective as the tools available to them. We will focus on the right mix of media that will drive results and achieve the goals. 


Here’s where we dive into the execution of your unique marketing strategy — finding the right tools for the job.



We are rooted in social media. It is the most important and cost-effective tool in our arsenal to engage with your existing customers, find prospective customers, and generate buzz for your brand. Think Tank can help you get the most out of your online strategy by building a customized plan to hone in on the right conversations, and by providing day-to-day tactical support creating and posting unique content.



With a long history in the national arts scene and strong connections with the media, ThinkTank can find and partner with the right people to help your story reach a much broader audience than ever before. From traditional PR (working with press, radio, and television media) to understanding important social influencers online, we can help you earn brand traction and get your story out to your potential customers – wherever they may be.



True engagement with your customers happens best when it’s personal. Although we might not be able to gather as much in person right now, Think Tank can connect you with your customers through innovative promotions.



With excellent in-house design and video capabilities, expertise in digital marketing practices, and years of advertising know-how, we’ll create ad campaigns that reach across mediums to tell your story.

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